Mugs for Scuba Divers

D*I*V*E MUG – This cute design is inspired by a popular war-genre television sitcom. Great for divers! View on Zazzle
Major League Diver Mug – A white silhouette of a scuba diver is shown in major league logo form. Cute for scuba divers! View on Zazzle
Content Rated D: Diver Magic Mug – This design for scuba divers is a spoof of the typical video game rating system. In this case, the design indicates Content Rated D for Diver.... View on Zazzle
Dive O'Clock Large Coffee Mug – You've heard the expression "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere"? Well this is a scuba take on that sentiment. It's always Dive O'Clock Somewhere! You can customize this... View on Zazzle
100 Dives Mug – Commemorate your 100th dive with this fun medallion-style circular design. This is a fun and original gift idea for scuba divers that have logged over 100... View on Zazzle
Old Divers Never Die... Large Mug 15 oz Ceramic Large Mug – Lots of scuba divers keep a logbook to record their underwater adventures and bottom time. For many it is a living document, never really complete -... View on CafePress
Down With Gas Mug – What is scuba, essentially? Going down (underwater), with gas. This is a fun, simple graphic text design that shows what scuba is all about. You can... View on Zazzle
Rated D: Diver Mug 11 oz Ceramic Mug – Just like video game warnings, let everyone around you know you are rated D for Diver with this clever game label spoof design. An original and perfect diver gift idea. View on CafePress
Eat Sleep Dive Mug 11 oz Ceramic Mug – Traffic-style icons represent Eat (knife/fork), Sleep (person in bed) & Dive (silhouette of diver). This fun original diving design makes a great, unique gift idea for scuba divers of all levels! View on CafePress
It's Dive O'Clock Somewhere Large Mug 15 oz Ceramic Large Mug – You've heard It's Five O'Clock Somewhere, but did you also know It's Always Dive O'Clock Somewhere? That's because anytime is a great time to go scuba... View on CafePress
Dive Flags of the World Large Mug 15 oz Ceramic Large Mug – Inspired by "flags of the world" illustrations, this design features 9 great scuba diving countries and the corresponding flag - a diver down flag of course!... View on CafePress
Life is Short Scuba Hard Mug – Scuba means a lot to you, so you want to do it as much as possible, naturally. Life is short, so don't deny yourself. Scuba hard!... View on Zazzle
Less Plastic More Sea Environment Conservation Coffee Mug – Less ,Plastic ,More ,Sea ,Environment ,Conservation View on Zazzle
Dive Talkin' Large Mug 15 oz Ceramic Large Mug – This retro-inspired design is a play on Jive Talkin'. Scuba divers are always Dive Talkin'. This fun, unique diving design in retro font & nitrox colors... View on CafePress
Whale Watching For Nature Enthusiast Wildlife Tour Coffee Mug – Whale watching design capturing the essence of wildlife exploration, ideal for nature enthusiasts and tourists seeking memorable encounters with magnificent creatures of the sea. View on Zazzle
Elements of Scuba Large Mug 15 oz Ceramic Large Mug – This great design is made up of elements spelling out scuba: Sulfur; Carbon; Uranium; Barium. This original scuba gift idea is perfect for divers of all... View on CafePress
I Love Vanuatu Diving Beer Stein – This original scuba design reads "I Love Vanuatu", with a graphic heart filled in as the diver down flag in place of the word "love". You... View on Zazzle
I Can Breathe Underwater Mug 11 oz Ceramic Mug – What's your superpower? This design for divers is made up of a superhero-style diver down flag in diamond shape. Below the text I can breathe underwater... View on CafePress
No Crying in Scuba Mug 11 oz Ceramic Mug – Are you a tough-guy scuba diver? No time for drama? There's no crying in scuba, ya know!? This is a fun, funny diving design for scuba... View on CafePress
There's No Crying in Scuba Mug – They say there's no crying in baseball, but why stop there? You might get all wet when you dive, but that's no reason to shed tears.... View on Zazzle
Scuba Take Me Away Large Mug 15 oz Ceramic Large Mug – Scuba is a hobby where you can really get away from it all. This cute spoof design reads Scuba Take Me Away. Better than a bubble... View on CafePress
Dives Well With Others Mug 11 oz Ceramic Mug – This retro design reads "Dives Well With Others." If you prefer diving with a buddy or even in a group, this cute design is for you.... View on CafePress
Scuba Flag With Diver Coffee Mug Novelty Gift Idea for Scuba Divers | 11-Ounce Ceramic Mug | CM1023 – ABOUT US: Decals, Home D├ęcor, & More is a US Military Veteran Family Owned Company. The Ceramic Mugs are Imported, then we Design, Print, & Package... View on Amazon
CafePress Scuba Flag Diver Mug 11 oz (325 ml) Ceramic Coffee Mug – Dimensions: Our standard size 11 oz mug measures 3.75" tall x 3" in diameter; Color Coordinate: Mix and match your mugs with your decor by choosing... View on Amazon