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Featured Scuba Diver Designs

Diver 1, 2, 3
Diver 1, 2, 3 - These designs are inspired by Dr Suess's Cat in the Hat characters - Thing One and Thing Two. This is a great gift idea...
Forecast for Diving
Forecast for Diving - If you love scuba diving, then you'll do it in all kinds of weather. Rain? Doesn't matter, you're going to get wet either way....
It's Dive O'Clock Somewhere
It's Dive O'Clock Somewhere - You've heard the expression It's Five O'Clock Somewhere? Well, here we've got a fun, original scuba take on that sentiment. If you're a diver,...
Barcode Dive Flag
Barcode Dive Flag - If you're a scuba diver, you know how expensive the hobby can be. Sometimes, it may seem like all of your money is going...
got scuba?
got scuba? - Ah, the obligatory "got milk?" campaign spoof. This is a simple text design that any scuba diver would like to have in their collection....
Florida Diver
Florida Diver - This stylish shield-style design has a diver down flag background -- red with a white diagonal stripe. The state of Florida is shown in...
I Can Breathe Underwater
I Can Breathe Underwater - What's your superpower? This fun spoof hero logo design is an emblem in the shape of a diamond, with the scuba flag red and...
Shut Up And Dive
Shut Up And Dive - Talking is for between dives and off-gassing... so if it's time to get in the water, quit talking and get into the water! In...

Featured Scuba Diver Gifts

Today is a Good Day to Dive Trucker Hat – This fun design might remind you of a certain Klingon warrior cry. A fun pop culture spoof design for scuba divers. You can totally customize this... View on Zazzle
D*I*V*E T-Shirt – This cute design is inspired by a popular war-genre television sitcom. Great for divers! View on Zazzle
got scuba? keychain – This simple text design just asks "got scuba?" A spoof of the popular milk campaign, this makes a great gift for anyone that loves scuba diving!... View on Zazzle
Scuba (English) Mug – In the language of scuba, we've got to include English. Here the word scuba is shown with the red and white coloration of a diver down... View on Zazzle
100 Dives Throw Pillow – Commemorate your 100th dive with this fun medallion-style circular design. This is a fun and original gift idea for scuba divers that have logged over 100... View on Zazzle
Shut Up And Dive Button – This is a clever design made just for scuba divers. The word DIVE is shaded in red with a white stripe, just like the scuba diver down flag. View on Zazzle
Warning: Mermaids T-Shirt – This diamond-shaped warning sign design shows the silhouette of a mermaid with text below reading "Warning: Mermaids." View on Zazzle
Dive O'Clock Large Clock – You've heard the expression "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere"? Well this is a scuba take on that sentiment. It's always Dive O'Clock Somewhere! You can customize this... View on Zazzle