Hats for Scuba Divers

Scuba Flag Letter J Trucker Hat Trucker Hat – A super gift idea for a scuba diver whose name begins w/ J. The scuba diver down flag colors of red with a white diagonal strip... View on CafePress
Diving Freak Trucker Hat Trucker Hat – This fun, unique scuba design makes a great gift for scuba divers of all levels. The text is in a funky, vintage font, making this Diving... View on CafePress
Warning: Newbie Diver Trucker Hat Trucker Hat – A warning for your scuba buddies! This Enthusiastic Newbie Diver design looks like an official warning sign and will let others know you're new to the... View on CafePress
Endangered animal Yellow-eyed PENGUIN - Wildlife Trucker Hat – The yellow-eyed penguin from the south island of New Zealand is the most endangered of the penguin species. It can dive up to 34m, feeds about... View on Zazzle