Scuba Diving Milestone Unique Gift Ideas

Commemorate the scuba diving accomplishment of your dive buddy, bestie, spouse, relative, or friend with a unique gift that marks the milestone. These novelty gift items are just a few examples of the many product types available via our partners!

100 Dives Accomplishment Dome-Shaped Paperweight

Found on Zazzle

Mark the accomplishment of logging 100 dives with this fun round paperweight. The gift is made of highly polished glass and works well as a paperweight, desk decor, or award style trinket. The 100 Dives Paperweight comes in a gift box, so it's ready to give to your accomplished dive buddy!

500 Scuba Dives Milestone Charm Jewelry Gift Idea

Found on Zazzle

Add this commemorative 500 Dives Charm to your charm bracelet or necklace, use it as a zipper pull, place it on your keychain, or add some scuba diver bling almost anywhere. This little .875" diameter round charm is plated with sterling silver and includes a small jewelry clasp for easy attachment to other pieces of jewelry or almost anything else.

Blank Journal to Commemorate 1000 Logged Scuba Dives

Found on Zazzle

This handy journal is a fun gift idea to mark 1000 scuba dives. The medallion-style design is featured on the front of this handy blank journal. You can customize the pocket journal by adding your own text or images to the front or back covers, and choose different blank page types: unlined, lined, grid, or checklist.

2500 Logged Dives Canvas Tote Bag Scuba Gift Idea

Found on CafePress

This natural canvas tote bag is a great way to show off your major scuba accomplishment of logging a whopping 2500 dives! Carry the reusable tote to the grocery store, or use it to tote scuba gear on your next dive -- 2501!

5000 Dives Scuba Milestone Commemorative Patch

Found on Zazzle

Mark the great achievement of an amazing 5000 logged dives with this unique medallion-style patch. The silver-bordered round patch can be placed on a variety of items to add swagger! Place the 5000 dives patch on a hat, backpack, jacket, shoe, tote, or other objects using adhesive, Velcro, or iron-on technique. You can also sew the patch on for maximum security.

Funny "Divers Wearing Masks" Long Sleeve Tee for Scuba Divers

There are different kinds of masks, though since the start of the pandemic one's thoughts might first turn to surgical or medical masks worn over the nose and mouth when coming across the term. But there are other masks, and the most important one to scuba divers would...

Scuba Diver Evolution Silhouette T-Shirt

This t-shirt for scuba divers takes on the familiar March of Progress image originally published in 1965 to show the progression of 25 million years of human evolution. Typically, the illustration shows a primate walking on all fours progressing to an ape-like figure walking upright, and each...

Save the Manatees Cute Cartoon T-Shirt

This adorable cartoon marine life design features a plump manatee with a baby. The image is accompanied by simple blue text that reads "save the manatees". This cute design is great for anyone who loves manatees! Wear this shirt at your next manatee festival, when you go...

Scuba Diver Silhouette Cupcake Toppers

Are you getting ready for a socially-distanced or safe small scuba diving gathering? Does someone you know who loves scuba diving celebrate a birthday or other milestone soon (like how about a new C-card, or a new specialty certification)? These darling acrylic reusable scuba diver cupcake toppers...